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Jimmie Brown The Newsboy

Jimmie Brown The Newsboy

“Jimmie Brown, the Newsboy” has long been a favorite of mine, as recorded by Flatt & Scruggs and Mac Wiseman. Recently, I got to pondering its origins. After some digging, I discovered that the song was composed in 1875 by William S. Hays. Over the years, Hays’ name has largely been forgotten and now people… Read More »

Hot Corn

Hot Corn

By Wayne Erbsen Bluegrass music has jokingly been called “a celebration of pain.” It has earned this moniker because so many of the songs dwell on themes of loneliness, heartache, and death. For some bluegrass musicians, the jovial song known as Hot Corn or Hot Corn, Cold Corn offers a welcome moment of levity amidst… Read More »


I’ll Fly Away

By Wayne Erbsen There are many ways to close out a bluegrass show, but I always favor ending an evening’s entertainment with a rousing version of I’ll Fly Away. This song is the perfect choice because everybody knows it and they love to sing along. Recently, I started digging into the origins of I’ll Fly… Read More »

Easy 2-Chord Songs for Guitar, cover

What Kind of Guitar Should I Get?

By Wayne Erbsen Following is an excerpt from the book Easy Two-Chord Songs for Guitar. As you set out on your guitar-playing adventure, you might be wondering what kind of guitar to get. There are four main kinds of guitars, so if you find yourself in a pickle and don’t yet have a guitar, this… Read More »

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