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The Log Cabin Band, photo by Michelle Williams

Log Cabin Diaries: Part 3

We love log cabins. Always have. As far as we’re concerned, you can’t have too many of them. In addition to our rustic log cabin way up in Big Pine, North Carolina, we have an authentic log cabin here in Asheville on the same piece of land as our Native Ground office. This is where… Read More »

cabin porch

The Log Cabin Diaries: Part 2

(For ‘Part 1’ click HERE) Long before the days of Mapquest, Google Maps, or iPhones, we had to rely on honest-to-goodness paper maps to find our way around. Spreading a North Carolina map on the kitchen table, we finally found Big Pine, which was only a tiny dot on the map. Looking at a topo… Read More »

cabin 1

Log Cabin Diaries: Part 1

 Exactly 15 years ago this month, my wife Barbara looked me straight in the eyes and said that we need to find a cabin or farmhouse way back in the mountains.  She wanted to find a old-timey place so far back in the sticks that we could only hear the sounds of birds chirping. No electricity, no plumbing,… Read More »

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