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Maybelle Carter with an archtop guitar

The Carter Scratch

By Wayne Erbsen They didn’t call her Mother Maybelle for nuthin.’ Nope. In addition to being the mother of three girls (Helen, June, and Anita), Maybelle Carter was nothing less than the mother of flatpicking guitar. Starting in 1927, her lead and rhythm guitar playing laid the foundation of what would later be known as… Read More »

Roy Harvey & Leonard Copeland

How Hard Is It to Play the Guitar?

By Wayne Erbsen The first question I hear from people interested in playing the guitar is “how hard is it?” For those of you with that same question, this article is for you. The relative ease or difficulty of learning to play any musical instrument depends on three main things: Natural talent. It’s just a… Read More »


How Hard is it to Learn to Play the Guitar?

The quick answer to this question is “it’s pretty easy,” IF you have the right instructor or instructional materials (ie books or videos). After teaching guitar since 1962, I’ve had a wide variety of students walk through the door. The vast majority have learned to play and, as far as I know, have kept playing… Read More »

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