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Hot Corn

Hot Corn

By Wayne Erbsen Bluegrass music has jokingly been called “a celebration of pain.” It has earned this moniker because so many of the songs dwell on themes of loneliness, heartache, and death. For some bluegrass musicians, the jovial song known as Hot Corn or Hot Corn, Cold Corn offers a welcome moment of levity amidst… Read More »


What Kind of Mandolin Should I Get?

By Wayne Erbsen Unless a free mandolin just falls in your lap, you’ll need to purchase one. When you go shopping for a mandolin, I strongly suggest that you don’t buy a cheap one off the Internet. Most of these cheapo instruments will sound like a tin can strung with barbed wire. Instead, you should… Read More »


Drifting Too Far From the Shore

Charles E. Moody was not your average gospel songwriter. He alone wrote both the words and the melody of two of the bedrock classics of country and bluegrass gospel, “Kneel at the Cross” and “Drifting Too Far From the Shore.” To get a handle on this man and the songs he wrote, let’s go back… Read More »

Cleo Davis & Bill Monroe

The Big Bang Theory of Bluegrass

By Wayne Erbsen If the “big bang theory” helps to explain the origin of the universe, perhaps “the big bang theory of bluegrass” will shed some light on the origin of the bluegrass music universe. There are two schools of thought as to the origins of bluegrass music. One has Bill Monroe singlehandedly inventing bluegrass… Read More »

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