Ukulele for the Complete Ignoramus – Book

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Learning to play the ukulele has never been easier! Ted & Wayne will walk you through everything you need to know to get started playing the ukulele. You will learn how to select the right uke, how to tune it, a variety of strums and how to play the melody and backup to 37 folk, swing, Hawaiian and gospel favorites. Includes easy-to-read tab, simple chord diagrams, and an instructional audio CD.  104 pages & spiral bound.

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5 reviews for Ukulele for the Complete Ignoramus – Book

  1. B. Sizemore

    This book has such straight-to-the-point instructions, I was playing chords or melody in no time at all! The tablature is extremely easy to read. And playing along with the CD is really fun.

  2. bruce

    Great book love the tab (ed) music and instruction

  3. Mary

    Really enjoying this book. All the songs in it are great, just the kind of music I want to play. I think folk songs are easier to sing for us who can’t sing so well than contemporary pop. I like how the book has both the chords for strumming and the tab to play melody. The recording is slow enough to play along with, with some practice. I found the first finger picking pattern on page 96 makes a great finger exercise to learn to play melody. Love the old timey photos, too.

  4. Deb Herr

    This is the 2nd instructional book I have purchased.
    With the first book, I put down my Uke for months before attempting again.
    I tried again with Ignoramus. In one short afternoon, I have learned how to tune, 3 major chords and 1 easy song.
    This book is golden!

  5. Alex Floyd

    Pretty and a good guide to playing, I guess, I went to the music store in Gloster, to get an electronic tuner, and I was seduced by the he Ukelele, that he sold me,
    Akala, he played it for me, I’m a failed classical Bassoonist! Thank you, Tom Eaton

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