Log Cabin Diaries, Part 3: The Log Cabin Band

By Wayne Erbsen

We love log cabins. Always have. As far as we’re concerned, you can’t have too many of them. In addition to our rustic log cabin way up in Big Pine, North Carolina, we have an authentic log cabin here in Asheville on the same piece of land as our Native Ground office. This is where we teach our Appalachian music and cooking classes. We think this cabin was built in the 1940s out of a kit sold by Sears, of all things. That is the rumor, anyway. The original cabin has been added on to twice that we know of.

The Log Cabin Band, photo by Michelle Williams
The Log Cabin Band (photo by Michelle Williams)

The large living room has a killer beadboard ceiling and a big rock fireplace. In the winter, a cracking fire adds to the ambiance and makes you feel that you’re back in the 1800s. In fact, I like to joke that just being in the room will make you able to play old-time or bluegrass music. If you come by on a Thursday night, you can barely find a place to park. Up to 18 people can be found jamming out on banjos, fiddles, mandolins, guitars, and a string bass. I call this group The Log Cabin Band. It is a combination of a band, a jam, and a class. People drive from up to an hour away to join in the fun. People laugh, tell jokes, socialize, and play and sing a wide variety of great old-time and bluegrass songs. For me and the Log Cabin Band, Thursday nights have become an important part of our lives. In fact, the group started getting together over 10 years ago, and is getting stronger all the time.

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