Old-Time Fiddle for the Complete Ignoramus! (Book & CD Set)

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Spiral bound paperback w/ CD

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We’re proud to say this is the #1 selling fiddle book in America!

If you are a total beginner,  here is the perfect book to learn how to play old-time fiddle. Absolutely no previous experience needed! Wayne’s friendly writing style takes you through every step of adjusting, tuning, holding and yes, playing your fiddle. Appalachian, old-time, bluegrass and folk tunes are written out in Wayne’s easy and unique tab system for those who don’t read music, and in standard musical notation for those who do. Learning old-time fiddle has never been easier or more fun. Anyone can do it. Includes instructional audio CD, plus complete lyrics to all 37 tunes. Spiralbound paperback, 9″ x 12″,  80 pages. This book is guaranteed to help you learn to play old-time fiddle. (How many books come with a personal guarantee by the author? Don’t yet have an instrument? Let Wayne help you pick out the perfect fiddle and bow for you. Contact him at banjo[at]nativeground.com)

You WILL learn to play: Amazing Grace, Blackest Crow, Buffalo Gals, Charley He’s a Good Old Man, Cluck Old Hen, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Cripple Creek, Cumberland Mountain Deer Chase, Darling Corey, Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down, East Virginia, Groundhog, House of the Rising Sun, Ida Red, In the Pines, It Ain’t Gonna Grain no Mo’, Joy to the World, Little Birdie, Liza Poor Gal, Lynchburg Town, Muley’s Daughter, Old Joe Clark, Old Molly Hare, Polly Put the Kettle On, Rain and Snow, Red River Valley, Run Johnny Run, Rye Whiskey, Sail Away Ladies, Say Darling Say, Shortening Bread, Sugar Hill, Wagoner’s Lad, Wildwood Flower, Willie Moore.

If you have a question about whether Old-Time Fiddle for the Complete Ignoramus would be helpful to you, please give Wayne a call at (828) 299-7031. He’ll be happy to talk with you and answer all your questions.

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12 reviews for Old-Time Fiddle for the Complete Ignoramus! (Book & CD Set)

  1. Marvin Nelson

    This is the best book I ever owned. You make it so plain. I’m really proud of it

  2. Mike Evans

    When you claimed you could even teach an ignoramus like me to play the fiddle, I was suspicious. But danged if you didn’t!

  3. J. Woginrich

    I bought your book and I can not believe that in 3 days I was able to play genuine tunes, by heart no less. I can not tell you how happy this experience has made me. Even the dogs seem to be smiling

  4. Meredith Coldren

    Wayne Erbsen’s years of teaching experience shows on every page. He makes it fun for the beginner to get started with a dose of folklore and humor thrown in for good measure. A wonderful guide for the notice fiddler.

  5. Mike Lucuski

    You did a fantastic job. This book is 5 stars. Keep up the great work

  6. V. McGuire, Lousiana State Penitentary, Angola, LA

    Thanks to your book, I’ve taken to the fiddle like a duck on water.” V. McGuire, Lousiana State Penitentary, Angola, LA

  7. R. Bennett

    Your Fiddling book (For the Complete Ignoramus) is outstanding. I go to your book first because of the enjoyment I get out of it. Thank you for the great source, not only in music but history, tradition, etc

  8. Alma H.

    At ages 60 and 70, my sister and I both have found your Fiddle for the Complete Ignoramus invaluable! We had bought several other books before finding this one and it is the very best! Your book renewed our faith in our ability to learn, and we are both having so much fun with it. And, YES, I believe you can teach an old frog the fiddle!

  9. Elaine M.

    I can’t tell you how much fun your book has made fiddling for me. I have improved more with this book than any I’ve run into.

  10. Tom M.

    I bought your Old Time Fiddle book, practiced nearly every day for a few months, and now I play with the beginner bluegrass jam on Wednesday nights. I am having fun and I cannot believe that I can actually make music with others. I am lucky that I found your book glad that your book gave the basic fiddle skills to participate. Thank you for enriching my life. Best Regards, Tom N.

  11. sam lamaster

    I am so glad that I got your book,it is the best one I have every seen even my music teacher said it was the best he had seen .

  12. DJ Young

    I wanted to start out from scratch learning fiddle and this book was perfect for me. You really do not need to know anything at all about music or the fiddle to use this book. The book is funny and fun, and its full of great old tunes. Wayne has a CD or downloads from the website so you can learn how the songs are supposed to sound if you are not sure. Thank you Wayne! God bless you!

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