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Native Ground Music

Native Ground Music, founded in 1973, is your comprehensive resource for authentic southern Appalachian music and traditional music of rural America, the Civil War, and the Old West. Our gospel, bluegrass, and old-time folk music collections are unsurpassed, and we have a full catalog of outlaw ballads, cowboy music, pioneer music, Lewis & Clark music,… Read More »

Secrets of the Great Old-Timey Cooks by Barbara Swell

Secrets of the Great Old-Timey Cooks

Barbara Swell Book $5.95 Reminisce about a simpler time as four 20th century mountain pioneer women share their cooking secrets. These great old-time cooks stir in their own wisdom and tales of growing up on rural farms, where they prepared delicious meals by lantern light on wood cookstoves. Included are heirloom recipes, proverbs, folk remedies,… Read More »

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