Sharecropper’s Son played by Wayne Erbsen

4 thoughts on “Sharecropper’s Son played by Wayne Erbsen

  1. Thats some plucking there fella. Love it!

    1. Thanks, Nigel. That’s a good song to pluck!

  2. I need help on the banjo. I have your book for the ignoramus. I haven’t got to that stage yet. I can play some of the songs. But I just need help. Do you do online classes? I live in meadows of Dan , va.

  3. I am just starting out too and have some major rookie questions like how do you properly adjust and use the picks? I have sort of just sort of done what seems to work but it just dn’t sound right. I would love to grab a few lessons early on to nip habits that could become problematic in the bud before they are too deeply ingrained. I can’t find an in person Banjo instructor at any of the music shops in the 4 counties around where I live. That is in Bremerton, WA I may be able to find a teacher in Seattle bu that is an hour ferry ride each way and would cost early $50.00 just for the boat rides. Not to mention then having to deal with the madness there. Tat is another horror story.

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