Wayne Erbsen teaches the Clawhammer Banjo Lick

7 thoughts on “Wayne Erbsen teaches the Clawhammer Banjo Lick

  1. I Clawhammer differently, more simply, than you do, but I have your Clawhammer book now, so I’ll give your way a try. I really like the book, and, though I’m making progress with it, I’m an old guy with memorizing problems that slow me down. Anyway, I have two of your books and really enjoy them.

  2. Thanks for the good explanation on how to play clawhammer. I have seen many videos but this is the first one that makes sense on how to do it. Heck I might even give it a try. 🙂
    PS: I found this website via Banjo Hangout

  3. At almost 70 years old, I am learning the claw hammer banjo. Your video helped fill in some important info on thumb position that other videos don’t completely show. I find the claw hammer counter intuitive to playing guitar. Banjo goes towards the body and guitar goes the other way, especially with the thumb. I have only been trying for three days so I am still going slow. If I try to go fast, I get out of sync and fall back into strumming like guitar. Thanks for the added help.

  4. Eventually….I shall make it.

    1. Me too!

  5. My husband Don just ordered your book about learning the claw hammer style on the banjo. I’m so looking forward to learning with it. I already play the guitar(have been for 47 years, I taught myself to play the fiddle and die learn some on the banjo with blu9egrass but my band leader wants me to learn the claw hammer style. Happy new Year, from Judy Corrette in Wildwood, Fl

  6. I just got your book and I’m already making great progress. I can read musical notes as well as tab. I am mot familiar with some of these old time country songs so it’s taking me a little longer to know the melody. I’m determined to get it. I play the guitar (have been for 47 years) I’ve taught myself the fiddle. Up until Covid hit, I was playing both at Mass on Sundays. I have a great love for music. I’m the lead singer in my band and rhythumn guitar as well. Have a great new year. god bless you. says Judy Corrette in Wildwood, Fl

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