Little Sadie played by Wayne Erbsen on Banjo

5 thoughts on “Little Sadie played by Wayne Erbsen on Banjo

  1. What a great version of Littlle Sadie. I’m a guitar player who has fallen in love with the flailing banjo. Got me me Deering and I’m ready to roll. Thank you. You are a wonderful inspiration.

  2. this is so awesome!!!!!!

  3. I’d always wondered if this was “traditional” or if Clarence Ashley had written it, because that’s who I first heard singing and playing Little Sadie–on a Folkways record I think.
    Unlike fiddle tunes, each verse is short and has only one “A” part–no “B” parts. Thanks for the info.

    1. Hi Bruce. Good to hear from you. It’s actually a traditional song, but Clarence might have changed a word or two. I think I go into the history of it in my book Outlaw Ballads, Legends & Lore. Thanks!

  4. Hi Wayne. Another great tune. Makes me want to go sit in a pub and play the banjo and sing. Except i cant play banjo…or sing! But im working on it. Im from the UK and this type of music goes way back, particularly still prevalent in the celtic areas. Folk songs have a tradition of passing down stories and historical milestones for us peasants. Seeing as we couldnt read or right. Not sure where the black connection comes into it? But undoubtedly in modern times the black influence looms large. I guess they express an existence white folks are lucky enough to see as history. But isnt music a great way to free the soul?! And the banjo positively dances with life!

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