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Hopalong Cassidy

Cowboys in Bluegrass Music?

As a kid, I desperately wanted to be a cowboy.  I dreamed of owning a horse, riding the range, and doing what cowboys did. And why wouldn’t I? Every night I slept under a cowboy blanket and my lunch box was fully decorated with a decal of a handsome cowboy twirling his lariat. Growing up at… Read More »


Rattlesnake Fangs, Fiddles & Folklore

People have always had a strange fascination with rattlesnakes. As one of America’s most poisonous snakes, they are both feared and hated, and yet their rattles are prized for their mythical and magical properties. While doing research for this article, I ran across an amazing number of stories, some true, some pure myth, about rattlesnakes… Read More »

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