Guitar Chords

If you’re wanting to learn the basic guitar chords, you’ve come to the right place. Although there’s thousands of chord positions, I’m only going to show you the basic chords to need to start with. In certain kinds of music, such as as bluegrass, Appalachian, folk, gospel, country and blues, these chords are pretty much all you’ll ever need.

Important Tip: When you’re making your chords, it’s ESSENTIAL that you go to the chord all-at-once, not one finger at a time. Landing on the chord all-at-once will guarantee that you’ll be able to make your chords quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how you learn to play your guitar chords all-at-once. Go to a chord (like a D, for example) any way you can. Pick up all of your fingers off the chord about a half an inch, while still keeping your fingers in the shape of the chord. Then POUNCE on the D chord all-at-once. Do this excerise every day on all the chords, and you’ll soon have it nailed.

Here is a chart of the guitar chords. The numbers underneath each chord are the bass notes you hit before you strum the entire chord.

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