They Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dog Around

Ev’ry time I come to town
The boys keep kickin’ my dawg aroun’;
Makes no difference if he is a houn’,
They gotta quit kickin’ my dawg aroun’.

Me an’ Lem Briggs an’ old Bill Brown
Took a load of corn to town;
My old Jim dawg, onery old cuss,
He just naturally follered us.

As we drive past Johnson’s store
A passel of yaps come out the door;
Jim he scooted behind a box
With all them fellers a-throwin’ rocks.

They tied a can to old Jim’s tail
An’ run him a-past the county jail;
That just naturally made us sore,
Lem he cussed an’ Bill he swore.

Me an’ Lem Briggs an’ old Bill Brown
Lost no time a-gittin’ down;
We wiped them fellers on the ground
For kickin’ my old Jim dawg around.

Jim seen his duty there an’ then,
He lit into them gentlemen;
He shore mussed up the courthouse square
With rags an’ meat an’ hide an’ hair.




You can find this song in “Easy 2-Chord Songs for Mandolin” by Wayne Erbsen

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