Cotton-Eyed Joe

Cotton-Eyed Joe

Eighteen, nineteen, twenty years ago
Daddy worked a man called Cotton-Eyed Joe

Where did you come from,
Where did you go?
Where did you come from
Cotton Eyed-Joe

Cornstalk fiddle and a shoe string bow
Couldn’t play nothin’ but Cotton-Eyed Joe

Woulda been married a long time ago
Hadn’t a been for Cotton-Eyed Joe

Chicken in the bread pan peckin’ out dough
Grannie will your dog bite, no child no!

Eighteen feet of sleet and snow,
The roof caved in on Cotton-Eyed Joe.

Clawhammer banjo for the complete ignoramus coverInstruction on how to play this song can be found in Wayne Erbsen’s book:Clawhammer Banjo for the Complete Ignoramus.

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