Black-Eyed Susie Lyrics

Black-Eyed Susie

I got drunk, I got boozy,
I went home with Black-Eyed Susie.

Black-Eyed Susie’s long and lean,
Prettiest girl I ever seen.

Hey! Black-Eyed Susie,
Ho! Black-Eyed Susie,
Hey! Black-Eyed Susie

Black-Eyed Susie went to town,
All she wore was a gingham gown.

Black-Eyed Susie’s long and tall,
Sleeps in the kitchen with her feet in the hall. (Chorus)

Hey old man I want your daughter,
To chop my wood and carry my water.

Black-Eyed Susie lives in a holler,
She won’t come and I won’t call her. (Chorus)

All I want in this creation,
Pretty little wife and a big plantation.

All I need to make me happy,
Two little boys to call me Pappy. (Chorus)

Black-Eyed Susie went huckleberry pickin’,
Came home late and took a lickin’.

Love my wife and love my baby,
Love my biscuits sopped in gravy. (Chorus)

Instruction on how to play this song can be found in Wayne Erbsen’s books: Bluegrass Jamming on Mandolin, Bluegrass Jamming on Banjo, Bluegrass Jamming on Fiddle.