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Thank you for buying one of our music instruction books! If you’ve arrived here, it is because you need a digital copy of your instructional CD.

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Important Note: To better give you listening options, we have two buttons: the first is to download the audio so that you can listen to it offline, but these files are zipped. If you don’t know how to unzip a file or are unable to do so, please use the second link to stream the audio (we recommend this for smartphones and tablets).

Bluegrass Banjo for the Complete Ignoramus:

Bluegrass Mandolin for the Complete Ignoramus:

Bluegrass Jamming on Banjo

Bluegrass Jamming on Fiddle

Bluegrass Jamming on Mandolin

Clawhammer Banjo for the Complete Ignoramus

Clawhammer Banjo: Tunes, Tips & Jamming

Companion to Bluegrass Banjo for the Complete Ignoramus

Easy 2-Chord Songs for Guitar:

Easy 2-Chord Songs for Mandolin:

Flatpicking Guitar for the Complete Ignoramus:

Old-Time Fiddle for the Complete Ignoramus:

Painless Guitar:

Ukulele for the Complete Ignoramus:

Ukulele Tunes, Tips & Jamming: