A Word About the Free Bluegrass Fiddle Tabs

Old-Time Fiddle for the Complete Ignoramus! instruction book by Wayne Erbsen


These free bluegrass fiddle tabs are written out for you two ways, in standard musical and also in a style of tab that I invented. Instead using numbers on the strings to represent the finger that you use, I put the name of the note you play.

This method does require you to learn the eight notes of the scale, and where to find them on your fiddle. This may seem like a “royal pain,” but trust me, this will give your music a BIG BOOST. You absolutely need to know the name of the note you’re playing, instead of just the number.


Let’s say you’re playing a song that mainly stays on a D chord, like “Reuben’s Train.”  When you’re trying to play along with the song, or figure out the melody, you need to know the notes that make up a D chord. Those notes are D, F# and A. If you know where to find D, F# and A notes, you’ll have a much easier time figuring out the melody, or notes to accompany the song. If you only know the numbers, you’re paddling upstream without a paddle.

Not to try to sell you a book, or anything, but I do suggest you check out my best-selling book, Oid-Time Fiddle for the Complete Ignoramus!, or my newest book, Bluegrass Jamming on Fiddle

Not convinced?

Then I’ll offer you this guarantee. If you try either of these books, and either don’t like them, or don’t get anything out of them, return it, and I’ll send you back your money. Fair enough?


Wayne Erbsen

2 thoughts on “A Word About the Free Bluegrass Fiddle Tabs

  1. Hi Wayne — Don’t know if you remember me- I think of you often as you sang with me at Jim Greene’s funeral – I loved the harmony.
    I’m still trying to play the fiddle I inherited from my Dad –I keep collecting books, hoping to find one that is “easy”. I would like to order your “Old Time Fiddle for the complete Ignoramous”. (and maybe, Bluegrass jaming). Pls let me know price, etc via my e-mail listed below.

  2. I recently turned 50 and as a gift to myself I decided to learn to play the violin/fiddle. I have never played before, cannot read music and expected this whole experience to be a failure in 2 weeks!

    Well, I have watched MANY good YouTube video’s, rented a violin & bought both of your fiddle books. I am happy to say after 1 month I am excited about my progress & want to continue.

    I believe your books have been the answer to my success thus far! The tab is easy to learn – I copied the finger position diagram & taped it on my fingerboard – instant visual – it’s awesome!

    I added my own color coding (using colored markers) on the fingerboard diagram and on the music sheet (page) and I am off to the races learning the basic fingering positions, notes and understanding the tab concepts.

    Thank you so much for these great resources – they are definitely the most user friendly I have found & total beginner approved!

    Mrs. S.C.

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