Pig in a Pen

Pig in a Pen

I got a pig home in a pen,
Corn to feed him on,
All I need’s a pretty little girl,
To feed him when I’m gone.

Going on the mountain,
Sow a little cane.
Raise a barrel of sorghum,
Sweeten old Liza Jane. (Chorus)

Black clouds a-risin’,
Sure sign of rain,
Get your old grey bonnet on,
Sweet little Liza Jane.

Bake them biscuits baby,
Bake ‘em good and brown.
When I get my biscuits baked,
I’m Alabama bound. (Chorus)

Goin’ to Atlanta,
Just to look around.
If things don’t suit me,
I’ll find another town. (Chorus)

If you see that gal of mine,
Tell her if you please.
Before she goes and bakes her bread,
Roll up her dirty sleeves. (Chorus)

Instruction on how to play this song can be found in Wayne Erbsen’s books:  Bluegrass Jamming on Fiddle, Bluegrass Jamming on Mandolin and Bluegrass Jamming on Banjo.

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