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  1. out of 5
    This is a great book, the Erbsen tablature great and easy to learn. Thanks; Eric
  2. out of 5
    Wore out my last book and can't wait to get the new spiral bound one and the companion for it! Merry Christmas to Thank you, Sir! You have helped me so very much. ~ A very Merry Christmas to you and your family!
  3. out of 5
    The Southern Mountain Classics is one of my favorite CDs of old time music. Great sound, wonderful performers. I have gifted this CD many times, and everyone loves it.
  4. out of 5
    I'm 6 songs into this book and I'm so impressed with your teaching method. I already consider myself a banjoist. I intend to finish this book and then get the other book for the ignoramus . I also want the flatpicking book. I'm gonna run with this until I'm in a bluegrass band and have a smile on my face. I love rock and roll but I love this more.
  5. out of 5
    This book is incredible. Exactly what I needed to progress in my playing. It is also a very enjoyable read. Thank you Wayne.
  6. out of 5
    Consistently brilliant and full. Truly remarkable--sounds like a full orchestra.
  7. out of 5
    This makes for great background listening during the holidays and wintertime. Relaxing and pleasant if you want to slow down or escape the frenetic pace of life these days. It will definitely take you to another place. Amazing and remarkable playing as well.
  8. out of 5
    One needs quiet time to enjoy this CD.If you allow yourself to become one with the music,you will soon find yourself in a different dimension of time and location.The trees will appear different,and soon smells such as wood smoke and cinnamon,and apples will begin to insinuate themselves through your senses.The room will grow cooler and - - well,a bit dramatic,I know,but that is what I get from this CD of most enjoyable music.Become a time-traveler.This album will help you do it.
  9. out of 5
    I wouldn't take nuthin' for my copy of Old-Time Gospel Favorites.
  10. out of 5
    You should be on the Grand Ole Opry!