Ukulele + Instruction Book Set


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If you’d like to start playing the ukulele, you’ve come to the right place! This set includes a brand new Savannah SU-100 ukulele, gig bag & our beginner instruction ‘Ukulele for the Complete Ignoramus’ by Ted Parrish and Wayne Erbsen, including an instructional CD. We’ve set the ukulele up so that it is ready to play! For additional photos of the ukulele and book set, please click the image above and you can click through an image gallery.

LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE- Please call our office at (800)752-2656 with questions or to order. Shipped via UPS in the continental US only. The price on this page includes $15 shipping. Please use the coupon code  ukeset upon checkout to make sure that no additional shipping charge is added.

If you would like to order an additional ukulele, please give us a call! To order only the book, please click HERE (spiral bound paperback, PDF and Kindle versions all available).