Southern Soldier Boy – Full Album MP3


This is the digital version of the entire album, Southern Soldier Boy.


A popular collection of music played by common soldiers during the war. Includes spirited rallying songs, mournful laments, popular pieces of the day and even a lively buckdance tune. Historic instruments include banjo, fiddle, harmonica, bones, hambone, washboard, tambourine, dulcimer, mouth bow, accordion and jew’s harp. Cassette insert includes words to all the songs. 45 minutes, 4 vocals, 12 instrumentals.

SONGS: Goober Peas, Home Sweet Home, Soldier’s Joy, Battle of Shiloh’s Hill, Battle Cry of Freedom, Listen to the Mockingbird, Dixie’s Land, Turkey in the Straw, Girl I Left Behind, Oh I’m a Good Old Rebel, Johnson Boys, Pattyroller, Rabbel Soldier, Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel, Southern Soldier Boy, Boatman.



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