Raccoon and a Possum – CD

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Naturalist, storyteller and harmonica wizard Doug Elliott takes listeners on a wild and wonderful exploration into the natural world. You’ll hear a true story, an Indian legend, a jived-up Aesop’s fable, a late night adventure in the woods along with some lively harmonica tunes and some mighty strange animal noises! Interpretive fold-out has drawings, activities and more!  62 minutes.

Winner of the Notable Children’s Recording Award by the American Library Association

Features: Raccoon and a Possum, The Jive Three Bears, The Story of Aspirin, Possum, Turtle and the Wolves, The Fox and the Crow, Uncle Reuben Run a Coon, Old Blue.

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1 review for Raccoon and a Possum – CD

  1. The American Library Service to Children

    Raccoon and a Possum is a hoot!

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