The Outhouse Papers – eBook

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This is the downloadable PDF version of The Outhouse Papers. You can read it on your computer or other devices, and also print it out.


The Outhouse Papers is a hoot! Absolutely funny and absorbing, this hilarious book includes weird and wacky stories, strange historical facts, jokes, and folklore on a wide range of topics. Lose yourself in moonshine tales, old-fashion marriage advice, and even the Duct Tape Diet. Learn the lost art of hurling insults and making jerk coffee. Master the secret slang of Civil War soldiers, railroaders, hobos, and cowboys. Marvel at weird laws, strange inventions, and bizarre festivals, like the Cow Chip Throwing Championship, and the Rattlesnake Derby. Revel in quirky factoids about rich and famous Americans all the way from Thomas Jefferson to Al Capone. This book belongs in every outhouse in America. 192 pages.

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