Log Cabin Songs – CD

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Roll up the rug, clear the floor and grab your partner! Kick up your heels with spunky old-time dance tunes, historic songs and ancient ballads of America’s log cabin pioneers. 10 Vocals, 6 instrumentals played on banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and bass. 48 minutes. The perfect companion to the book “Log Cabin Pioneers.”

THE SONGS: Little Log Cabin in the Lane, Darling Cory, Little Whitewashed Chimney, The Hound Dog Song, Cabin Creek, Puncheon Floor, Sugar in the Gourd, Cricket on the Hearth, My Old Cottage Home, The Blackest Crow, Goodbye To My Stepstone, Mary of the Wild Moor, East Virginia, Red Rocking Chair, Fracas on York Ridge, and Lost Jug in the Cornpile.

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2 reviews for Log Cabin Songs – CD

  1. Liz Hobson, Director of Education

    Your music adds authenticity and richness to our educational programming on the Kentucky TV network.

  2. C. Brown, Music Teacher

    Thank you for this wonderful CD – it will enhance my teaching, and will give the kids a chance to hear music they probably do not normally hear. It sure surpasses the musical skills of any current pop artist on the radio today.

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