Crawdads, Doodlebugs & Cready Greens – Book




Discover how to catch crawdads, puree pawpaws, gobble greenbriars, noodle catfish, tickle trout, twist a critter out of its hole, and predict the weather with a persimmon seed. Learn how to greet a doodlebug a which rabbit’s foot is actually the lucky one. The 64 pager book is packed with two dozen songs, over 90 original illustrations and colorful lore about things that crawl, slither, wiggle, and grow. 5½ x 8½ ”  This book is the perfect companion to the recording, Crawdads, Doodlebugs & Creasy Greens.

Includes these lyrics, musical notation, history, stories and folklore to: Ain’t No Bugs on Me, The Doodlebug Song, The Boll Weevil Song, There Was a Little Chigger, The Crawdad Song, Catfish, Catfish, Mole in the Ground, Oh Groundhog, Left Hind Leg of a Rabbit, Root Blues, Green Rocky Road, Raccoon and a Possum, Old Blue, Frogge and the Mouse, Muskrat, Creasy Greens, John Barleycorn, Picking Up Pawpaws,The Blackberry and the Greenbrier, Strawberry Picking, The Scat Rap.

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