Ballads & Songs of the Civil War – Book


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This 272 page book edited by Jerry Silverman contains 107 selections and captures the tragedy and hopes of the Civil War in song. Arranged for voice with piano, Guitar chords included. Vintage photographs and brief historical introductions compliment the songs. The perfect companion to the recording Ballads and Songs of the Civil War.

INCLUDES Words, Music & History to: The Army of the Free, The Battle Cry of Freedom (Rallying Song), The Battle Cry of Freedom (Battle Song), The Battle Hymn of the Republic, For the Dear Old Flag I Die, Give Us a Flag, John Brown’s Body, The John Brown Song, Marching Along, Marching Song of the First Arkansas Regiment, Marching Through Georgia, Nine Miles to the Junction, Southern Battle Cry of Freedom, Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!, Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! (Southern Version), The Why and the Wherefore, The Bonnie Blue Flag, Dixie’s Land, Maryland, My Maryland, Riding a Raid, Southron’s Chaunt of Defiance, Stonewall Jackson’s Way, We Conquer or Die, The Yellow Roses of Texas, The Young Volunteer, Abraham’s Daughter, Abraham’s Daughter ( II), Booth Killed Lincoln, The Liberty Ball, Lincoln and Liberty, Old Abe Lincoln Came Out of the Wilderness, We Are Coming, Father Abr’am, We’ll Fight for Uncle Abe, All Quiet Along the Potomac, Do They Miss Me at Home?, The Drummer Boy of Shiloh, The Faded Coat of Blue, Home, Sweet Home, Just After the Battle, Just Before the Battle, Mother, Lorena, Somebody’s Darling, The Southern Soldier Boy, The Vacant Chair, Weeping Sad and Lonely, Who Will Care for Mother Now?, he Brass Mounted Army, Cumberland Gap, Drink It Down, Farewell to Grog, Goober Peas, Here’s Your Mule, I Can Whip the Scoundrel, I’ll Be a Sergeant, Johnny Is My Darling, The New York Volunteer, The Old Union Wagon, Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade, The Rebel Soldier, The Southern Soldier, The Southern Wagon, Tenting on the Old Camp Ground, There Was an Old Soldier, The Valiant Conscript, We’ve Drunk from the Same Canteen, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, The Battle of Shiloh, The Battle of Shiloh, Hill, Brother Green, Cairo, The Cumberland Crew, The Cumberland and the Merrimac, The Fall of the Charleston, Flight of the Doodles, A Life on the Vicksburg Bluff, Roll, Alabama, Roll, Virginia’s Bloody Soil, When Sherman Marched Down to the Sea, Clear the Track, Follow the Drinking Gourd, Free at Last, Go Down, Moses, The Gold Band, Many Thousand Gone, My Father, How Long?, Oh Freedom, Slavery Chain Done Broke at Last, Steal Away, We Wait Beneath the Furnace Blast, Babylon is Fallen, Billy Barlow, De Day ob Liberty’s Comin’, Grafted into the Army, The Grant Pill, Hard Times in Dixie, High-Toned Southern Gentleman, I Goes to Fight Mit Sigel, Jeff in Petticoats, Kingdom Coming, Overtures from Richmond, Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel, Sambo’s Right to Be Kilt, Sixty-Three is Jubilee, The Blue and the Gray, Oh, I’m a Good Old Rebel.

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