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Your Lone Journey - Banjo

Doc Watson’s ‘Your Lone Journey’ + tab for fiddle, mandolin & banjo

Whenever two old-time musicians get together to sing, there is one special song that is always held in high esteem: “Your Lone Journey.” I’d always heard that Doc Watson’s wife, Rosa Lee, wrote it, but often wondered about how she came to write it. Recently, I asked my friend, David Holt, what he knew about… Read More »

Bluegrass Mandolin for the Complete Ignoramus!

A Word About Free Mandolin Tabs

Howdy! These free mandolin tabs are written out for you two ways, in standard musical notation, and also in a style of tab that I invented. Instead using numbers on the strings to represent the fret that you play, I put the name of the note. This method does require you to learn the eight… Read More »

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