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Bigfoot’s Gone Away (+tab for banjo,fiddle & mandolin)

Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Abominable Snowman. Whatever name you want to call him, this mythical creature has crept into our collective imaginations as far back as 1811. That year, just outside what is now the town of Jasper, Canada, a trader by the name of David Thompson discovered footprints in the snow that made him stop in… Read More »

Your Lone Journey - Banjo

Doc Watson’s ‘Your Lone Journey’ + tab for fiddle, mandolin & banjo

Whenever two old-time musicians get together to sing, there is one special song that is always held in high esteem: “Your Lone Journey.” I’d always heard that Doc Watson’s wife, Rosa Lee, wrote it, but often wondered about how she came to write it. Recently, I asked my friend, David Holt, what he knew about… Read More »

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