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What Kind of Mandolin Should I Get?

By Wayne Erbsen Unless a free mandolin just falls in your lap, you’ll need to purchase one. When you go shopping for a mandolin, I strongly suggest that you don’t buy a cheap one off the Internet. Most of these cheapo instruments will sound like a tin can strung with barbed wire. Instead, you should… Read More »

Who Moved My Cheese?

By Wayne Erbsen Many people don’t like change. They don’t want their cheese moved, as the book says. I’m more guilty of this than almost anyone I know. Once I discover something I like, I tend to do that thing from that day forward, without wavering one iota. In bluegrass music, most traditional players don’t… Read More »

The Dreaded Count-In

By Wayne Erbsen Perhaps you’re a lurker at the bluegrass jam or pickin’ session. Sometimes you’ve heard the musicians count at the beginning of the songs with “one, two, three” or “one, two, three, four” and wondered how and why they’re doing that. You may have been in a position of having to start a… Read More »

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