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What Kind of Mandolin Should I Get?

By Wayne Erbsen Unless a free mandolin just falls in your lap, you’ll need to purchase one. When you go shopping for a mandolin, I strongly suggest that you don’t buy a cheap one off the Internet. Most of these cheapo instruments will sound like a tin can strung with barbed wire. Instead, you should… Read More »

lady banjo players c 1900

Playing Bluegrass Backup on Fiddle, Mandolin & Banjo

By Wayne Erbsen As you might guess, there are numerous differences between old-time and bluegrass music, although they share a lot of similarities too. In old-time music, the banjo, fiddle, and mandolin generally play the melody all at the same time. During an old-time tune, the guitar generally refrains from playing the melody and concentrates… Read More »

Very Easy Mandolin Songs

By Wayne Erbsen The Internet is abuzz with people wanting to learn to play the mandolin. My guess is that you are one of them! Of course, you want to learn the easiest songs possible. Who wouldn’t? The songs that are the easiest to play are the tunes you already know. They’re the ones you’ve… Read More »

How to Tune a Mandolin

By Wayne Erbsen Mandolins are fun to play, but they’re a pain in the you-know-what to tune. Why? Because the double strings are like quarreling siblings who never seem to agree with each other. Nonetheless, in this article, I will show you how to easily get your mandolin more or less in tune. As you… Read More »

How to Jam on the Mandolin

By Wayne Erbsen By now you’ve learned to play a few tunes on the mandolin. You know some of your basic chords, and you’d love to be able to play with other musicians in a jam, but you’re “chicken.” That’s because up to now, you’ve just been playing by yourself in the closet, so to… Read More »


Easy Two-Finger Mandolin Chords

By Wayne Erbsen Compared to the guitar, mandolin chords are EASY. In fact, most mandolin chords only use two fingers or sometimes only one. In the mandolin chord charts below, each horizontal line represents a pair of mandolin strings. The E string is the one closest to the floor, as you hold your mandolin in… Read More »

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