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Rosin by Bob Smakula

The sound of a fiddle is certainly a sum of its parts: the instrument, the bow, and even the person driving it. There is one key item that usually costs between 5 and 10 bucks which can make or break a night of fiddle fun. Rosin. Without it, bow hair just slips over the strings.… Read More »

Truss Rods by Bob Smakula

I’ve recently been reading many newspaper and magazine articles on the greatest inventions of the last 98 years. You tend to see the same things over and over: air travel, nylon, transistors, and even Little Debbie Nutty Bars. My personal favorite is one that few people ever see, though most guitar, banjo, and mandolin players… Read More »

D-18, D-28 ... What it All Means

D-18, D-28 … What it All Means

By Bob Smakula You walk into a music store to check out the latest in six string guitars that might be suitable for old-time music. You overhear the salesman talking to another customer and they seem to be talking in some cryptic code: “D-35, triple 0-18, M-36, D-28s.” Should you yell “Bingo!?” No, they are… Read More »

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