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Easy 2-Chord Songs for Guitar, cover

Easy Guitar Songs

By Wayne Erbsen The Internet is abuzz with people wanting to learn to play the guitar. My guess is that you are one of them! Of course, you want to learn the easiest songs possible. Who wouldn’t? The songs that are the easiest to play are the tunes you already know. They’re the ones you’ve… Read More »

Flatpicking Guitar for the Complete Ignoramus! instruction book by Wayne Erbsen

Clarence White and the Roots of Bluegrass Guitar in Southern California

By Wayne Erbsen In the early sixties I lived within earshot of the Ash Grove, a legendary folk club on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. As I recall, Monday night was called “hoot night,” and the house band was “The Country Boys.” When I first heard the band in mid-1962, it consisted of Clarence White… Read More »

Easy 2-Chord Songs for Guitar, cover

How to Tune a Guitar

1. The Fret Method is a time-honored way to tune your guitar to itself, without using slick and newfangled electronic gizmos. With your guitar resting comfortably on your lap, follow these steps: a. Take your left index finger and push down the 6th or E string at the fifth fret. There should be a dot… Read More »


Basic Guitar Chords

By Wayne Erbsen If you’re wanting to learn the basic guitar chords, you’ve come to the right place. Although there are thousands of chord positions, I’m only going to show you the basic chords you need to start with. In certain kinds of music, such as as bluegrass, Appalachian, folk, gospel, country and blues, these… Read More »

Buying a Used Guitar

What do you look for when you buy a used guitar? The first and foremost consideration is sound. This is a subjective topic and I can only recommend finding a guitar with a tone that fits the type of music you want to play. After listening to the guitar, examine it for structural problems that… Read More »

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